Good news!Seven small towns in Zibo were listed as featured towns in Shandong Province

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The General Office of shandong Provincial People’s Government recently released a list of characteristic towns in Shandong province, and zibo city has 7 featured towns selected.Zibo shortlist Ba mountain town kang keep step characteristic town black cattle characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine test-drive dream characteristics of huantai county town of boshan ship dongli feng yi tao ryukyu and characteristic town characteristic town YiHe source country artistic features small town town in kunlun town ceramic style characteristics Ba mountains Ba kang have characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine town town in kang have characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine “raise” as the core, which are characterized by “Chinese medicine” resources,In recent years, bashan Group has actively responded to the call of the state, relying on the advantages of medical treatment and health care industry, actively promoting the deep integration of medical and health care and old-age care, and striving to provide all-round health care services for the people.The high-end brand newlandi Black cattle of Gaoqing Black cattle characteristic town of Shandong Black cattle is selling well in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The sales of black beef sirloin steak, eye beef steak, snow beef slice, snow beef grain, snow beef roll and other products are particularly good, and once became a hot selling star single product.As early as in the previous G20 summit in Hangzhou, black cattle originated from Gaoqing in Shandong has attracted the attention of the world.Black beef from Gaoqing, Shandong province, created the record of the most “discs” at the state banquet, and the “Dongpo steak” made of black beef breast meat was favored by political leaders from all over the world.Test-drive dream characteristics of huantai county town of zibo huantai county stresses earnestly implement talent work responsibility, town construction project successfully around dreams, strengthen the platform thinking, ecological thinking, pays special attention to the construction of key projects, vigorously implement the “double double”, strive to build links kechuang resources, aggregation, innovation platform, fu can test-drive dream town of industrial upgrading.Boshan ship boshan ship tao tao ryukyu and characteristic town town in ryukyu and characteristic brand characteristics of tao ryukyu and culture, based on existing hill street tao ryukyu and industrial foundation resources, logistics, technology, talent advantage, regional policy, to innovation and development, cluster development, high-end development, green development as the guidance, in order to improve the tao ryukyu and industry brand, independent innovation ability as the core,With the protection of traditional culture and the joint development of modern service industry as the main line, through the integration of culture and tourism, vigorously develop high value-added pottery products, and build a multi-level innovation system, rich in unique historical and cultural connotation of the town.Dongli feng yi feng yi characteristic town town overall planning scope of 9 square kilometers, core area of 4.99 square kilometers, is committed to building here culture as the core connotation, based on post town, integrating commerce, culture, experience of tourism, leisure vacation, kang and other multi-function integrated international tourist station, national famous tourism and leisure destination and health preservation base.Yiheyuan rural art town yiheyuan is committed to the cause of rural revitalization, a long and arduous task, never forget the original aspiration.We will strive to build characteristic towns into a new platform for high-quality economic development, a new carrier of new-type urbanization, and a new fulcrum for urban-rural integration, so as to provide solid support for accelerating human-centered new-type urbanization and significantly improving the level of smart, green, balanced and bidirectional urban development.Kunlun town has a long history of porcelain culture, national intangible cultural heritage ceramic firing skills, China Lu celadon Museum, Shandong province ceramic craft industry base and so on are “gathered” Kunlun, known as “Zibo ceramics five golden flowers” one of zibo porcelain factory is also located here.Kunlun town has a profound ceramic culture. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, many national and provincial ceramic art masters were born in Kunlun Town.Source: Wenlv Zibo