Haikou emergency search!Qionghai issued an urgent alert

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On February 19, haikou Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a notice looking for contacts of an asymptomatic infected person outside the terminal of Meilan Airport.According to the notice, the epidemiological investigation revealed that a novel coronavirus asymptomatic infection notified in Chengmai County on 19 February 2022 had been smoking in a close distance with four other persons between 15:16 and 20:00 on 17 February, about 20m away from gate no. 3 of arrival Hall of T1 Terminal Building in Haikou Meilan Airport, on the left side of the gate (see the attached figure for details).Please report to the community (village committee) as soon as you see the notice, and take the initiative to contact the local CDC to implement prevention and control measures according to relevant requirements.Qionghai emergency remind: recently have chengmai jinjiang town living history of personnel, nucleic acid detection in 48 hours negative reports rework back to learn on February 19, qionghai COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work headquarters office issued an emergency remind: recently have chengmai county town of jinjiang living history of personnel, nucleic acid detection in 48 hours negative reports rework back to learn.1. From February 17 to 19, those who have a history of living and traveling in Jinjiang Town, Chengmai County, especially those who have a history of contact with an infected person or have overlapping or overlapping activity paths, must report to the communities, residential (village) committees and units where they live.2. From February 17 to February 19, those with a history of living in Jinjiang Town, Chengmai County, shall return to work and school with a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours, and their health shall be monitored for 14 days.Those who have traveled to The People’s Hospital of Chengmai County, Minxing Community of Jinjiang Town and Jinjiang Qianqiu Square should complete two examinations for three days as soon as possible (at intervals of more than 24 hours, home health monitoring should be done during the period), and at the same time do self-health monitoring for 14 days, so as to reduce going out and not going to public places.Third, the general public should raise their awareness of self-protection, remind each other, continue to maintain good hygiene habits, such as wearing masks properly (especially when taking public transport or entering public places), washing hands frequently, ventilate frequently, maintaining a social distance of more than 1 meter, reduce crowd gathering, and actively advocate a healthy and civilized lifestyle.It is not necessary to go to prefecture-level cities in medium-high risk areas and cities where positive cases have been detected.Iv. Persons eligible for vaccination, especially key groups aged 3-11 and 60 and above, are requested to complete the full course of novel Coronavirus vaccine vaccination and enhanced immunization as soon as possible.Five, if you have a fever (temperature is 37.3 ℃ or higher), dry cough, fatigue, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, smell (taste), sleep loss, the unwell symptom such as conjunctivitis, muscle pain, diarrhea, immediately to the medical institutions to the nearest screening fever clinics, truthfully inform the doctor history of epidemiology, all wearing masks on the way, avoid taking public transportation.Vi. If you have any problems, please call Qionghai Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters duty number 62821966 and Qionghai CDC telephone number 62934940 for consultation.Source: Hainan Daily client reporter: Xi Jihong Yuan Yu Duty director: Rong Hai Duty Director: Yuan Feng Content review: Lin Ye Responsible editor: Zhang Yuntong