Paris Saint-Germain vs Rennes in France. Paris have done well recently.

2022-07-31 0 By

Home team analysis: Paris Saint-Germain, who unexpectedly lost the title last season, are still in a safe position at the top of ligue 1 with 56 points, 13 ahead of second-placed Marseille.Paris Saint Germain attack back to the shooting boots, the league in recent games all big wins, the defensive end is still solid, is the league’s least goals conceded team.The home side of the greater Paris season so far has also maintained an unbeaten gold, the winning rate is as high as 90%, with a strong home winning ability.Away team analysis: Rennes struggled in the early part of the season, but are now fifth in the league with 11 wins and 4 draws as their young players have improved.Distance only 1 minute, fourth Strasbourg round of league team 2-0 defeat at the stadium of Brest, nearly three league game 2 of the victory condition is good, can last 3 games are played and scored 3 goals into the stadium are harvested offensive firepower, lane road show signs of decline, recently, in the past four away all have, enough playing style is bold and unrestrained,In the past 5 matches, rennes have only scored more than 2 goals in total in 2 matches. At present, rennes have won 3 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses in 11 league away games, and their overall performance is not as good as at home. The coach Genesio has played for many French Teams in his playing days and has a rich coaching experience.It should be noted that Rennes have lost four away games in a row.Comprehensive analysis: the two teams on the overall strength contrast Paris st germain or want, and Paris st germain dominance is already in the French league, the team’s recent performance is very stable, the offense is to rediscover the shooting boots, erratic and Ryan’s recent performance, against a downturn.Multi contrast, the game is more optimistic that Paris Saint-Germain can smoothly get a goal and more than a big win.