Replacing passat, Volkswagen Arteon succeeded in its position, equipped with 1.5T/2.0T engine, and sports as well as A4L

2022-07-31 0 By

The upgrading of the new generation of Volkswagen passat just finished, the overall heat to maintain a very stable, sales have a bureau of b-class front row, but the Volkswagen passat will be out of the domestic market, and replace by the new models, and the best chance of the Volkswagen passat models, and that’s when the public Arteon this new generation of mass b-class,The model is positioned as a standard young b-class coupe. In terms of power, it will carry the brand-new 1.5T turbocharged engine and the classic EA888 2.0t turbocharged engine. The appearance of the model is not as sporty as Audi A4L, and in terms of overall product performance, it can fully replace the strength of Volkswagen Passat.Volkswagen Arteon can feel the familiar design language in terms of the overall appearance of the model. The large-size front face and sporty shape of the model are similar to the domestic version of Volkswagen CC to a certain extent. At present, the domestic market is a young market, and most models are launched around young consumers.Therefore, the design language and design concept of Volkswagen CC will soon become the main design style of Volkswagen car series, so this model has the strength to replace Volkswagen Passat in terms of appearance level.Models and the difference between Volkswagen passat is very obvious, although a new generation of Volkswagen passat has been to improve the overall sporty and stylish, but compared to the new generation of mass Arteon, or slightly inferior in the performance of the younger, after all, the current generation of young consumers become the b-class mainstream consumer groups.Volkswagen Arteon has already appeared in the overseas market with a large number of Volkswagen, the new generation of design elements, will match the light-emitting net, frameless door, tail letter design, but also use large size windmill type Dudge decorative wheel hub, and will take the lead in carrying 1.5T turbocharged engine, the overall competitiveness is full.Conclusion: The new generation of Volkswagen Arteon will replace Volkswagen Passat and become the new generation of B-class car of Volkswagen in the domestic market, mainly for young consumers.