What is the new curator of Sanxingdui?Simulation takes you ahead of time

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On March 29, the construction of the Ancient Shu Cultural Site Museum in Sanxingdui officially began.The new building is expected to be completed in October 2023 and officially open by the end of 2023.What’s the new curator like?What are the highlights?A simulation animation to take you to see in advance!Pavilion park, agglomeration dacheng Sanxingdui museum exhibition design adhering to the “pavilion garden combination” of the library philosophy, adhere to the “blanking, coordination, practical” three major principles, overall consideration and existing park, pavilion, the relationship between the new and visitors center integration design, the construction of the main body of the three units body toward the sanxingdui ruins area, the old house and park district,The space-time dialogue between “museum” and “site area” is formed, which not only takes care of the unified image of the park, but also takes into account the existing style of the museum.The design “divides the building volume into parts” and adopts the unitary layout to scientifically arrange the visitor center, exhibition hall and reservoir area. At the same time, through the clever processing of “hidden” and “obvious”, the building is hidden into the park.The shape of the new Sanxingdui Museum will be integrated with landforms, historical sites and cultural relics and plastic arts, aiming to create a museum community integrating original charm and contemporary aesthetics.The classical spiral curve exterior wall of the Bronze Museum continues to develop, and lines are extracted from sanxingdui cultural relics as the control curves of the shape and internal space of the three piles.The roof is covered with sloping soil, which echoes the shape of the comprehensive museum from left to right, forming three mounds arranged along the central axis, meaning “stacked three stars”, so that the architectural form concept of the same origin inherits the name of “Sanxingdui” site.The plane control lines of the three piles extend and intersect at one point, and the Angle between the planes shows a multiple relationship. The rigorous geometric logic generates a unique shape rhythm.The basic exhibition of the new museum will strengthen and closely follow the archaeological culture of “ancient Shu Culture of ancient City”, consolidate existing research achievements and enrich the latest archaeological information. Besides the sacrificial relics of Sanxingdui Museum no.1 and No.2, cultural relics of a new round of major archaeological discoveries will also be displayed.In terms of architectural expression, the thick and heavy facade reveals the “eye of ancient Shu”, overlooking the site, symbolizing the window of Sanxingdui culture to the outside world, and is a metaphor for ancient Shu civilization to stare at the world through ancient and modern times.People-oriented, technology enabling new building design adopts BIM building information modeling technology and parametric modeling technology, different processing methods under different environments, so that the building naturally into the park environment.In the construction process, the latest smart site technology will be adopted, and high-tech means such as artificial intelligence, sensing technology, virtual reality and Internet of Things technology will be used to improve the construction efficiency of the new building.After completion, the new museum will have the function of a smart museum, which will break through the time and space restrictions, with richer contents, more diversified ways of exhibition and stronger interaction with visitors.The architecture and exhibition of the new museum will achieve comprehensive, in-depth and extensive interconnection, build an intelligent museum operation system, and create an intelligent ecological chain of Sanxingdui Museum that integrates cultural relics, ruins and exhibition halls, so that visitors can further experience the splendid civilization created by the ancient Shu Kingdom.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com