America again!4 MORE NASA satellites destroyed, geomagnetic storm or technical problem?

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Us to play rocket show in 2022?Unexpectedly is the continuous space events, this, “SpaceX40 starlink satellites were destroyed” news has not stopped, then came the news of the failure of the American Astra rocket launch, and this time even the American space agency (NASA) many satellites have been lost, what is this situation?America again!America again!It’s just too much.Of course, here’s a reminder that SpaceX, which many people didn’t know about, is also American.So, the year 2022 starts, the United States is in a continuous rocket problems, it is really a pity, it shows that there may be a lot of events in space in 2022, let’s take a look step by step.Spacex destroyed 40 Starlink satellites. What happened?This batch of substarlink satellites is a new round of satellite system launched by SpaceX in order to quickly complete the construction of the “Starlink system”.Unfortunately, the destruction of spacex’s 40 Starlink satellites was caused by “natural obstruction”.It’s caused by a geomagnetic storm, and the source of a geomagnetic storm, or the source of a geomagnetic storm, is the sun.We know that the sun has an active cycle, and in 2022, the sun is moving toward a period of hyperactivity, what we call a maximum period, which is expected to peak around 2025.So as long as the sun is highly active, it’s possible to have multiple geomagnetic storms.After a geomagnetic storm happens, it can affect satellites, power grids and so on.The geomagnetic storm is classified as G1 to G5, and this is G1, so you can imagine what the impact is.Experts agree that there are likely to be more similar situations in the future, so humans need to be vigilant.Of the 49 satellites SpaceX launched this time, at least 40 of the starlink satellites were destroyed and burned up in the atmosphere.According to estimates, Starlink costs close to $500,000 per satellite (including launch costs).So initial estimates put the damage to the satellites themselves at $20 million (128 million yuan), which is a lot, and the company claims that each satellite weighs less than 260 kilograms and poses no danger, either from falling or in orbit.So you don’t have to worry.This also shows that the emergence of geomagnetic storms is a great threat to the satellite system. It depends on whether there is any way to change the satellite according to the changes of geomagnetic storms in the future, so as not to produce stronger geomagnetic storms in the future, which directly leads to the collapse of the global satellite system. This is the reason why “SpaceX40 starlink satellites were destroyed”.But the US satellite incident hasn’t gone away, yes!It’s America again!America again!Four MORE NASA satellites have been destroyed. What’s going on?Spacx 40 Starlink satellites destroyed, NASA satellites destroyed too?Indeed, it is true.A rocket launch from Astra, an American private rocket company, carrying four NASA satellites, was destroyed.According to the report, at around 4am Beijing time on February 11, 2022, Astra, a private US rocket company, carried out its first commercial launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida, using a 13-meter-long launch vehicle LV0008.But regrettably, the rocket launch had problems, failed, and did not reach the preset orbit.Is it a geomagnetic storm?Is it a geomagnetic storm or a technical problem?It was not a geomagnetic storm, and according to the published data, the whole rocket took off in good condition.But just three minutes later, around the time the first and second stages separated, the second stage had a problem with its attitude. The rocket went into rotation mode and did not fly as planned towards the planned 500km orbit.So finally, after a public confirmation from Astra staff, the launch was declared a failure.Of course, this mission was preceded by four orbital launches, of which only one was successful.So, from the cause of the situation, or because of the rocket problems, completely technical problems.And the four NASA satellites that carried them went up in smoke.However, NASA was more “friendly” about the incident, saying later that it was important to attempt such a commercial launch, thanking them for their dedication and hoping to learn from the experience.So, taken together, NASA doesn’t care about these four satellites.Indeed, it was a surprise that companies in the United States played the “rocket show” in 2022.It can only be said that the “obstacles” of space development are still relatively large for human beings. In any case, satellite imbalance, rocket launch and other failures may occur.As the saying goes, “Failure is the mother of success.” Just don’t lose heart.However, the destruction of spacx’s 40 starlink satellites does serve as a wake-up call for human beings. We should speed up our research on geomagnetic storm response measures. This can’t wait.