Calligrapher Tian Bin found the skills to enlarge the European style, relying on large regular script easily entered the national exhibition

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It is the conclusion of learning books to take ancient traditional classic tablet as a copy model.But compared with the works displayed in hanging decoration exhibitions today, ancient classical calligraphy works are almost all “small characters”.How to enlarge the style of ancient classics to meet the needs of the contemporary, this is a new subject.Hunan calligrapher Tian Bin, in the European style of the republic of China zheng Xiaoxu’s calligraphy, European style big script in the 12th National exhibition, easily into the exhibition.Tian Bin into the exhibition of the 12th National exhibition of regular script works “Shi Ji Le Huojo dance” works of partial regular script works “Shi Ji Le Huojo dance” creation notes: the creation of ouyang Tong regular script as the tone, Ouyang Tong regular script works are basically in kai and small characters, obvious features, compared with Ouyang Xun easy to grasp and out of the “taste”.But how to write Ouyang Tong big is the problem.This has been the European body according to the scale of enlargement to write, but after taking a photo, or the feeling of small words.It was not until later when I came into contact with the regular script couplets of Zheng Xiaoxu, Yu Youren and other calligrapher of the Republic of China, the atmosphere was shocked, and I began to feel that the brushwork of large characters is different from that of small characters.Later, I was lucky enough to get a set of “Calligraphy of the Republic of China” repeated copying, and then came back to write Ouyang Tong felt changed.Highlights from the writing notes:”Put OuTi scaling up to write, but after photographed, or small feeling”, this shows that Chinese characters is not simple to enlarge print, some people take it for granted the technique of Chinese characters have a big word, small will add to zoom in, mix in small print as characters brushwork, cheng hsiao-hsu calligraphy Tian Bin copy of cheng hsiao-hsu Tian Bin, male, born in 1984,Member of press and Publication Committee of Hunan Calligrapher’s Association, director of Hunan Young Calligrapher’s Association, vice-chairman of Xiangxi Calligrapher’s Association, vice-chairman of Jishou Calligrapher’s Association.