Jiaocheng County people’s government on the further prohibition of fireworks and firecrackers notice

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To protect public safety and the safety of person or property of the people, to further improve air quality, according to the law of the People’s Republic of China on the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution of the People’s Republic of China on public security administration punishment law the fireworks safety management regulations and other laws and regulations and the people’s government of Shanxi Province on banning the production, management, storage, transportation and fireworks notice “,Combining the reality of our county, regarding the matters notice is as follows: first, according to the Shanxi Province people’s government on banning the production, management, storage, transportation and notices of fireworks, since October 1, 2020, in the administrative areas in Shanxi Province is prohibited to produce, management, storage, transportation (except in Shanxi Province through legitimate vehicles) and illegal fireworks.Second, by reason of major holidays, important activities, is really necessary to hold the fireworks party and other large professional fireworks display activities, with the approval of the people’s government at or above the county level shall, by the public security organ for road transport and setting off after permission licenses, within a specified time, place, set off by professional display unit, the public security organ for supervision.The departments of public security, emergency management, market and ecological environment shall, according to their respective duties, do a good job in the publicity and guidance, law enforcement and supervision of the prohibition of fireworks and firecrackers.All townships, communities, villages and property service units shall take various forms to organize and carry out propaganda and education work on the prohibition of setting off fireworks, and assist relevant functional departments to carry out the implementation.Iv. Encourage and support units and individuals to take the initiative to hand in social scattered fireworks and firecrackers to the public security and emergency management departments, and shall not be held responsible for the initiative;Those who do not take the initiative to hand in and are investigated and dealt with in violation of regulations and those who set off fireworks and firecrackers without permission shall be severely dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations.Any organization or individual who discovers illegal fireworks setting off shall have the right to dissuade them and report to the departments of public security, emergency management, market and ecological environment.Relevant departments will protect the personal information and security of whistleblowers in accordance with the law. Those who threaten or retaliate against whistleblowers will be severely investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with the law.If the tip-off clue is verified, it will be rewarded.Report Hotline:0358-3522791 (County Public Security Bureau) 0358-3535808 (County Emergency Response Bureau) 0358-3522751 (County Market Bureau) 0358-3523758 (Jiaocheng Branch of Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau) VI. This Notice shall come into force as of the date of promulgation, and the specific interpretation thereof shall be held by the People’s Government of Jiaocheng County.Jiaocheng County People’s Government On February 3, 2022