Orders for Spring Festival gift boxes in Xi ‘an increased 387% month-on-month

2022-08-01 0 By

As the Spring Festival approaches, the reporter learned from Meituan Preferred that online shopping orders in Xi ‘an have reached a new high, among which Spring Festival gift boxes, Spring Festival couplets and roasted nuts have become the most popular products.In Xi ‘an, there are not only local chicken and preserved pork on every family’s table, but also various kinds of Spring Festival gift boxes.Data showed that orders for Spring Festival gift boxes on Meituan Preferred increased by 387% in the two weeks before the Festival, with “nut gift boxes” and “snack gift boxes” topping the list.Mr. Liu from Xi ‘an city said, “During the Spring Festival, my family will come to visit a lot of relatives, and my parents will buy a lot of melon seeds and hazelnuts to entertain everyone. This year, I saw online nut gift boxes with exquisite packaging, affordable price and good quality, so I bought two boxes to save my parents from going to the supermarket.”Every family decorated the Spring Festival, Spring Festival couplets, fu, red envelopes can not be less.Meituan preferred data shows that the sales of popular goods during the Spring Festival have seen a big increase, with the sequential growth of Spring Festival couplets and red envelopes being 37% and 32% respectively.Many users said, “Buy Spring Festival couplets online, style more good quality, and today the next day can pick up the goods, home decoration after more festive atmosphere of the New Year.”In addition to the ritual sense of traditional customs, food is indispensable during the Spring Festival. Rou jia mo and steamed pork are frequent diners in Xi ‘an.According to statistics, meituan preferred in the Spring Festival before the launch of 500 grams of small package “ease to buy fresh pork” become a hot seller before the festival, December sales increased by more than three times.Spring Festival, the air is permeated with the taste of reunion.Even if they cannot get together with their families, children in distant places can send their parents New Year wishes through the “filial piety list”.Data show that on the eve of the Spring Festival, meituan preferred filial piety orders in China exceeded 3.5 million orders in a single month, among which the orders placed from Xi ‘an exceeded 360,000 orders, with a sequential increase of 10%.In the future, Meituan Preferred will continue to upgrade its products and services, so that parents in their hometown can also enjoy the convenient services of the Internet and eat fresh and beautiful seasonal fresh food.