Sixers update: Harden arrives in Philly, Emile tops scoring charts, Nash praises Simmons

2022-08-01 0 By

The 76ers finally fulfilled the franchise’s desire at the trade deadline when they and the Nets successfully pushed through a deal involving James Harden, a superstar the 76ers were interested in before harden left the Rockets.Harden reportedly arrived in Philadelphia to meet with the 76ers president: It’s unclear when harden will be able to play for the 76ers, but it could theoretically be next week against the Celtics or Bucks.This is definitely an important move for the Sixers, especially if they can get rid of Ben Simmons.On the other hand, the Sixers had a thrilling home game against the Cavaliers on Beijing time.Center Joel Embiid finished with 40 points, 14 rebounds, 10 assists and three steals in the 76ers’ 103-93 victory over the Cavaliers, passing Kevin Durant for the league lead in points per game.Embiid’s dunk on Jarrett Allen became a hot topic of conversation among fans: The fact that Embiid has been an MVP and a scoring champion certainly makes this sixers team a better bet considering Harden has joined the team.Finally need to talk about is that before the 76 players Ben simmons after joining the nets have been nets coach Steve Nash’s praise: “this (SIMS) can do one thousand things on the pitch, shooting is not one of my most want to see, he is a great basketball player, and it is in the absence of shooting.”Nash made it clear that even if Simmons doesn’t have the shooting skills the team wants, his defense and playmaking will be a part of what the Nets need.