Total investment 5 billion!”Mama mo” project signed ji Nan Culture travel area

2022-08-01 0 By

On February 17, the signing activity of “Mommo” project was held.Jingzhou city CPPCC vice chairman and secretary of the party working WuChangJun JiNaWen tour area, JiNaWen vice secretary of working committee, management committee director what tour area, vice secretary of party working Wang Zhenbin JiNaWen tour area, JiNaWen brigade zone He Bo, deputy director of the party working committee, management committee group, deputy party secretary and deputy general manager of “jing chu” culture to yuan army to participate in the discussion and signing ceremony, etc.”Mother” “project is a focus on life supplies and food supermarket membership large theme of stores, the project total investment 5 billion yuan, the construction content includes the immersive large theme of stores, headquarters office, star hotel, the park blocks, etc., the other form a complete set of intelligent household housing investment construction, introduced the most advanced intelligent systems management,Through digital information management to achieve real intelligent home.The settlement of Momomo Commercial complex will further enrich the cultural and tourism industry chain, improve the city’s function and taste, and create a new benchmark for business.