During the Spring Festival, Xi ‘an public security traffic police strictly check these illegal acts!

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Relatives and friends during the Spring Festival, activities such as dinner drinking increased in order to ensure the security of the masses holiday travel to reduce drunk driving drunk, overcrowded traffic illegal behavior to harm the people of xi ‘an public security traffic police concentrated by following the Spring Festival transportation safety management regulation during a clampdown insist on law enforcement and propaganda maximum warning people against drunk driving drunk to exclude security risk in the bud stageDuan advised drivers to adhere to “don’t drink while driving, don’t drink while driving” to further ensure the Spring Festival travel road traffic safety to eliminate potential safety hazards February 2 evening 20:30 minutes, the traffic police by the driving brigade in Wenjing Road to carry out drunk driving investigation work, about 21 o ‘clock from the south to the north direction to a red car in the bus station ready to change seats, the police immediately came forward to check its driver, then the driver questioned admitted that he had just changed seats.The driver was tested with alcohol tester and the result was 94mg/100ml. He was suspected of drunk driving. The case is being further handled.At about 22:40, Wenjing Road from the south to the north direction of a white suv, in the driver inspection, the driver was upset, then the driver Li was tested by alcohol tester, the result was 117mg/100ml, suspected of drunk driving motor vehicle, the case is being further handled.Then a motorcycle came from south to north, driving in the non-motorized lane.The police will intercept the driver down to check, found that the driver ding body has obvious alcohol, and pulled a case of wine on the motorcycle.Police to its inquiry, the driver Ding mou does not admit that they drink, said he pulled a case of wine, taste out of the box.Then the police on the driver Ding alcohol tester test, the result is 96mg/100ml, the scene uncovered its lies.Ding is suspected of drunk driving motor vehicle, has been controlled, the case is being dealt with.During the Spring Festival, many people want to pay New Year’s visit to relatives, but they ignore traffic safety. Some old and young people crowded in a car. There are carpooling and chartered cars that are seriously overmanned and overmanned to carry passengers.Xi ‘an public security traffic police during the Spring Festival for one passenger traffic law also started to hunt down changan police brigade wei qu squadron in toll too b palace on one 13 weeks to police brigade seized passenger cars in accordance with the relevant work arrangement in the county traffic order smoothly at the same time to hit the scene investigate illegal passenger tricycle tricycle 3 xian public security traffic police remind the driver visiting relatives and friends dinner partyMust consciously abide by traffic laws and regulations more firmly establish a “drunk from driving” consciousness form “drive don’t drink, don’t drink and drive” good habits also remind the masses, take the initiative to resist, dissuade, inform against drunk driving drunk, one passenger traffic illegal act jointly maintain good sources: road traffic environment of xi ‘an traffic police subscription number