Early symptoms of kidney stones

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Kidney stone is a kind of urinary system disease with high incidence in young and middle-aged people. Once it appears, it will seriously harm the daily healthy life of patients. Therefore, daily attention should be paid to the bad habit of inducing kidney stone, and at the same time, understand the early symptoms of kidney stone patients, and discover and treat the disease as soon as possible.Please understand the following with xiaobian.1, the early symptoms of kidney stones in patients with kidney stones or repeated pain or dull pain is due to the larger stone in the renal pelvis or calyces in the oppression, friction or caused by water, more in the affected side of the rib ridge Angle or upper abdomen.Early symptom warning: According to epidemiological survey, about 90% of liver cancer is associated with hepatitis B or C virus infection.2. The early symptoms of kidney stones are hematuria caused by stones moving and abrging the renal pelvis and ureteral mucosa, which often occurs at the same time with renal colic. Hematuria can be microscopic or gross hematuria.3. Renal colic is caused by ureteral spasm caused by small stones moving in the renal pelvis or ureter.It often occurs suddenly and violently.Percussion pain in the affected kidney area, tenderness in the ureter point or bladder area, is one of the early symptoms of kidney stone patients.The inchoate main symptom expression of kidney stone patient, did you understand somewhat now?Once any symptoms are found, they should go to the hospital in time, and then carry out relevant diagnosis and symptomatic treatment according to their own actual situation.Early detection and treatment can help patients recover better and healthier.Wang Zhijun said stone to remind you: the above is about the early symptoms of patients with kidney stones related content, I hope to help you, and do not understand the welcome private letter/comment network picture