Fire merciless people love chengyang tax opened “green channel” for the enterprise bailout

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Letter network April 2 news (reporter Wang Qi) “thank the chengyang district tax bureau staff, after understanding our disaster, the first time to help us solve the invoice this big problem!”On March 30th, Mr. Xu, a financial officer of Qingdao Yatianchuang International Trade Co., LTD., sent a banner to the Tax bureau of Chengyang District of Qingdao city, the State Administration of Taxation, to express his gratitude to the tax staff for helping the disaster-hit enterprises to issue invoices and resume operations.On March 21, a fire broke out in the Wali Industrial Park in Chengyang District, and the enterprises in the park suffered great losses. Many enterprises’ invoices, tax control equipment and other enterprise data were damaged in the fire, so they could not handle the relevant tax-related business normally.The goods were burned, and the order could not be delivered in time. Mr. Xu’s company needed to prepare the goods urgently, and communicate with the customer to coordinate the breach of contract. Meanwhile, it had to renovate and transform the burned factory, which affected its business and put it under great pressure.”Now capital turnover is really too important for us, we need to issue invoices for the goods we have sent so that we can recover the payment. We feel helpless when we see the incomplete invoices and the disconnected tax control equipment.”Mr. Xu said.To meet the demand of enterprise to use invoices and help them recover the payment as soon as possible and return to normal operation, chengyang district revenue is affected by the fire zone enterprise quickly launch the “green channel”, and enterprise for remote communication by telephone, after checking related situation will help enterprises to carry out data transmission quickly, check the old broken blank invoices, according to the remaining invoice forms,To deal with the cancellation of invoices for enterprises and issue new tax control equipment to help enterprises solve practical problems in time.On this basis, the window staff will transmit the situation of the enterprise to the tax source management department in the first time, and the tax administrator will contact the affected enterprises to grasp the enterprise dynamic in real time and ensure that the tax-related problems of enterprises can be solved in the first time.Wind and rain heartless, the world has love.Chengyang District Tax bureau will continue to adhere to the service of taxpayers pay people-oriented, heart with love to do practical things, solve problems, with their own fine services for tax people to send warmth, with practical actions to promote the convenience of tax spring action to go deep and go solid.