For the country’s eight years of meritorious deeds, the achievement of Zhang Changning life winner, undisputable

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The news that Zhang Changning, the leading player of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, will get married in June has caused an uproar among fans.At the same time, all the fans were also confused.June is the day when the Chinese women’s volleyball team will compete in the World Championship, zhang Changning chose this time to marry is bound to miss the tournament.This will not only affect the results of the Chinese women’s volleyball team in this event, but also means that Zhang Changning has given up the best chance to recover the competitive condition. Is zhang Changning thinking of retirement?If so, it would not be good news for the Chinese women’s volleyball team, which is temporarily without Zhu Ting.Although Zhang Changning is a controversial player, it cannot be denied that zhang Changning has made outstanding contributions to the Chinese women’s volleyball team, and no one can deny zhang Changning’s strength. It is just that some people have attracted a lot of groundless controversy for Zhang Changning.With zhang Changning’s overall strength, it is no problem for her to rank among the top three side attackers of Chinese women’s volleyball players. However, zhang Changning’s skill type is a systematic player, and her ability to play alone is relatively weak, so it is inevitable that her score will be reduced. Moreover, her skill type is even worse in the eyes of fans who know the ball.But at a time when the Chinese women’s volleyball team is in dire straits and in dire need of confidence and unity, Zhang changning has been one of the indispensable cornerstones.If Zhang Changning chooses to retire at this time, the loss of The Chinese women’s volleyball team can be said to be inestimable.Zhang has played for the Chinese women’s volleyball team for eight years, helping them win two World Cups and one Olympic title.Such achievements are not only enough to qualify for retirement, but also for their career writing infinite glory, it can be said that career has been completed.Now Zhang Changning’s wedding date has been set, is about to form a happy family.And her husband Edison Wu not only has a large income, but also has a rich family. He is absolutely a rare son-in-law, and the marriage of Zhang Changning, the Chinese women’s volleyball player, is a fairy family.In addition, zhang Changning’s commercial value has soared in recent years with her achievements in the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team and the accumulation of team operation, and she has even surpassed the average entertainment stars. Even if she retired at this time, she would still earn a lot of money, and her life in the rest of her life would be very secure.Successful career, the Zhang Changning of happy marriage can be called life big winner.But zhang changning’s career is already in its twilight years, and it is uncertain whether the impact of injury can sustain the Paris Olympics.Therefore, even if the Chinese women’s volleyball team urgently needs Zhang Changning to support Li Yingying, the fans should fully understand and support Zhang Changning’s decision to retire.This is not only because The Chinese women’s volleyball team cannot always rely on veteran players and rest on their past achievements, but also because it is Zhang Changning’s personal choice, and no one has the right to make irresponsible remarks, or even moral kidnapping.