Icbc Chuzhou Tianchang Nanhu Sub-branch door-to-door service was praised by customers

2022-08-05 0 By

Recently, the Tianchang Nanhu branch of ICBC chuzhou opened the door as usual and everything was going on in an orderly fashion.At around 11 a.m., a flustered customer came into the lobby. Seeing this, the lobby manager quickly approached him and asked him what business he wanted to deal with.The customer told the lobby manager that her father was hospitalized in Dongmen Hospital and was in critical condition. She was in a hurry to withdraw money for hospitalization procedures. She just withdrew money from her father’s social security card on the ATM, but the card was locked due to incorrect password input, and now she didn’t know what to do.After hearing this, the lobby manager immediately reported the relevant situation of the customer to the person in charge of the branch.The head of the bank’s branches reassured customers not to worry, considering the elderly mobility inconvenience, immediately started the “special” process.The person in charge of the network quickly contacted the staff of the network on rotation and went to the hospital for on-site service.Subsequently, for the customer to open up a green channel, specially-assigned counters for customers to deal with the password reset business.The customer was deeply touched and said that icbc’s service was very considerate. Thanks for icbc’s timely and thoughtful service, which solved their urgent need. Thumbs up for ICBC’s service!(Mr Cheung tsing)