Jiangxi province issued 26 measures to promote the healthy development of elderly care services

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The provision of medical care for the elderly and care for the young is a livelihood issue closely related to millions of families.Promoting the development of old-age care services is of great significance to improving people’s well-being, unleashing emerging consumption, cultivating economic momentum and expanding employment potential.Recently, The province issued the Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Old-age Care Services, proposing 26 measures to improve the policy system, expand service supply, create a development environment, improve supervision services, and constantly expand the effective supply of “one old and one small” areas in the province.There are 4.5 nursery places for infants under 3 years old per 1,000 population. The province proposes that by 2025, the old-age care security system of the province will be more perfect, the supply of services and products will be better, the support of factors will be more perfect, and the old-age care service system with Jiangxi characteristics will be basically established.A new pattern of well-balanced, reasonable, high-quality and efficient elderly care services has taken shape, covering both urban and rural areas and benefiting all. 95.5 percent of people are covered by basic old-age insurance, 60 percent of nursing home beds have been provided in nursing homes, and a system of elderly care services is basically in place, in which family and community institutions coordinate and combine medical care, nursing and recreational care.Infant and child care service of basic sound policies and regulations system and standard system, the construction of city comprehensive nursery service guidance center 1, county (city, area) are all built of not less than 1 public or standardized pratt &whitney, infant care services per thousand population with infants and young children under the age of 3 digits to 4.5, pluralism, diversity, covering urban and rural areas of infants and young childrenA system of nursing services has taken shape.Encourage kindergartens to open nursery classes to recruit 2 to 3 years old children our province proposed to promote the bottom line, promote universal benefits, market-oriented coordinated development.We will improve the services of public institutions.By 2025, priority will be given to building 50 mental retardation care institutions (including mental retardation care units) and nursing model institutions.The government has launched a project to build capacity for public education services, and built a number of comprehensive education service guidance centers led by the government and undertaken by public institutions.We will support public institutions in developing inclusive education services.Encourage and support qualified kindergartens to set up nursery classes for children aged 2 to 3.We will support the development of universal old-age care services.We will coordinate and integrate training and recuperation facilities, factories, hospitals, idle school buildings, office space and other facilities, and promote the development of a number of affordable, convenient and universal old-age care services.By 2025, the province will add more than 10,000 demonstration universal care places, with 2.7 universal care places for infants under 3 years old for every 1,000 people, and the coverage rate of community care services will reach more than 50%.We will increase market-based supply of old-age care services.We will encourage the chain-scale and brand-oriented development of elderly care service enterprises.We will support and guide nongovernmental forces in setting up child-care services for infants and young children in communities, and support domestic enterprises in expanding child-care services.Carry out the pilot of “Family pension beds” The province proposes to improve the multi-level service system of families, communities and institutions.We will strengthen the primary responsibility of families for supporting the elderly and caring for infants and children, and support models of care such as intergenerational care and family mutual assistance.We will launch a pilot program for providing beds for the elderly in families, and explore new models of elderly care services such as “respite services” and “time banks.”By means of in-home guidance, parent-child activities, and parents’ classes, we provide guidance services for the early development of infants and children for parents and infant caregivers, and enhance the scientific parenting ability of families.To build a 15-minute “elderly service circle”, we will vigorously develop assisted meals, emergency services, medical services, mobility services, bath services, cleaning services, and housekeeping services, and foster a number of community elderly service institutions that take care as their main business, radiate to the surrounding communities and provide door-to-door services.Communities are encouraged to develop neighborhood baby-care service centers, implement the project to build community child-care centers, build child-care service facilities such as “parent-child cabins,” implement the requirements for the registration and filing system of family child-care centers, and steadily promote the institutionalization and standardization of the management of family child-care centers.We will build, renovate and expand a number of embedded, distributed, chain and specialized childcare service facilities, provide diversified childcare services such as full-day care, half-day care, hourly care and instant care, and develop a childcare service network with centralized management and operation.The province proposes to promote the integrated development of medical care, health care and medical education.We will deepen the integration of medical and elderly care services, open a two-way “green channel” for referrals between old-age care institutions and cooperative medical institutions, and support medical institutions in old-age care institutions and medical institutions in opening old-age services.The medical establishment in combining the medical establishment that accords with the condition is brought into primary medical treatment insurance to decide a certain point by the regulation limits, after running formally 3 months, can put forward to decide a point application, decide a point to evaluate to finish time limit must not exceed 3 months.Fully exploiting jiangxi province earth 旴 jiang medical, camphor tree “help” “JianChang help profundity of Chinese medical science” and “jiangxi ten taste” “jiangxi food taste” ten resource advantage, optimize the elderly health management of traditional Chinese medicine, and governance of traditional Chinese medicine health care service ability, not ill service ability, strengthen the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation service ability, to carry out the appropriate technology popularization, elderly medical services of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, etc.Based on ecological resources in our province, focus on lushan mountain, jinggangshan, moon mountain, camphor tree, build a batch of kang raising base, kang town, support for the elderly health management, health care, prevention, intervention, fitness leisure, culture, entertainment, living in depth fusion of pension and other forms, promote the endowment services and forest health, tourism, raising other integration development.Speeding up the Construction of child-friendly Cities Our province proposes to build a friendly society of “one old and one small”.We have actively established and improved a database of volunteer service projects, encouraged social welfare organizations to participate in the development of volunteer projects, and given full play to the role of “Blue Majia” public service lecturers.Promote “Jiangxi service”, Jiangxi government affairs service network and other platforms related to all age-related services supporting online functions, to help the elderly bridge the “digital divide”.We will strengthen the development of supporting facilities for the elderly and mothers and infants, foster a number of cities and communities that support the development of the elderly and the young, and launch a campaign to build demonstration cities for infant and young child care services.We will encourage areas where conditions permit to renovate old residential areas in cities and towns and install elevators, and support 60,000 families with special financial difficulties in renovating their homes for aging.Airports, railway stations, passenger stations (level 2 and above), shopping malls, hospitals and other public places should generally set up special seats and green channels for mothers and infants, the elderly.We will actively develop universities for the elderly, and by 2022, each county (city or district) will have at least one university for the elderly.We will accelerate the development of child-friendly cities.A number of facilities will be built for children’s work education, natural education, extracurricular practice, scientific and technological experience, quality development and other activities outside the school, and public welfare or universal benefit services will be provided to all local school-age children.We will promote the concept of child friendliness among the people and develop child-friendly cities and communities.To provide “a la carte” services for the elderly Our province proposes to promote the upgrading of supplies manufacturing and technological empowerment.Support the enterprises entering the market of our province to carry out the transformation of their products for aging, adopt “Internet +”, intelligent call, mobile phone APP and other means to optimize the interface interaction, operation tips, voice assistance and other age-appropriate functions.We will further strengthen support for national brands such as old-age care services, milk powder industry, animation design and production, and intensify efforts to promote provincial infant formula milk powder.We will foster new forms of smart old-age care and child care.Promote the construction of a unified smart elderly service platform in the province.We will implement the “elderly services plus Industries” initiative to support the integrated development of elderly services with the cultural, tourism, catering, sports, housekeeping, education, health, and financial sectors.We will develop the “Internet plus elderly care service” model, develop a multi-tiered system of smart elderly care services, pool online and offline resources, accurately align demand with supply, provide convenient and “a la carte” elderly care services for the elderly, and build a number of smart nursing homes.To promote the construction of the “smart childcare” platform, support qualified institutions in the province to develop live Internet interactive family parenting services, and encourage the development of infant and young child parenting courses.A list of policies and measures for the establishment, registration and filing of elderly care institutions and guidelines on how to handle them have been released, and procedures have been improved and deadlines have been clarified.Non-profit pension institutions may set up more than one service network without legal person status within the jurisdiction of the registration authority.Profit-making elderly care service enterprises may increase their business sites in the same county (city or district).Relying on jiangxi government services, business hall, jiangxi clothing such as platform, carry out the “application for a table, a set of material, once submitted, do” one window acceptance, free net phone, continuously optimize “free net phone”, promote the chain “baby home”, “entrance” once a thing to do, qualification of pay of provide for the aged, the 80 – year – old old man accepts the issues such as the provincial office, drive go to the office,To help the agency, promote the “good or bad evaluation” of government services for elderly care and education, and constantly improve the quality and level of provincial government services.(Nanchang Daily omnimedia reporter Wu Yueqiang) Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn