Many teams sent videos to challenge the National football team and shouted the dismissal of the football association online, which is the advantage of the National football team, ok

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I’m not much of a football fan. I only watch the ball on very rare occasions.It is not surprising that the National football team disappointed the Chinese people again, and it is not surprising that all kinds of mocking jokes flooded in.Unexpectedly, there is a new “meme” for mocking the National football team this year.On the Internet, videos of various teams challenging the National football team flooded the Internet.From regional and professional football teams, to middle schools, primary schools and kindergartens.So why are videos challenging the national football team flooding the Internet, and why are jokes mocking the national football team flying everywhere?A lot of people say it’s because the national football team is so bad, because the national football team is ridiculed for being so bad.Is the national football team ridiculed by the whole Internet really because of poor performance?In fact, the real factors we all know, but we are not willing to face, the real reason we ridicule the national football team is the national football team can ridicule.If the National football team cannot be ridiculed, then the national football team cannot be ridiculed.This is the real reason why the National football team has been challenged.In another field you mock one you try!The Chinese football team may be really bad, but it’s not the poor performance that makes it so ridiculed.The Chinese football team is really bad, but what, did you watch the Spring Festival Gala?All say that the national football team spends a lot of money, all say that the National football team is expected to be high, all say that the National football team is unable to help the dou.What about the performance of the Gala?Some people say that you can play mahjong and games in the evening of Spring Festival. If you don’t want to watch, you don’t have to watch.In fact, the national football team is the same, you do not want to watch, also can not watch.We can all kinds of sarcasm national football players, other you try?We can shout online to dismiss the coach of the national football team and the officials of the national football team. We should cherish this freedom.I have always held such a view that people can continue to mock the National football team.However, cherish the national football team, because it is one of the few areas where you can speak your mind.You can name one more!Maybe because OF my lack of love for football, I thought, why not change my mind.Don’t treat it as a sport, treat it as an entertainment.The purpose of The National football team is not a sports competition, but to see the national football team as an entertainment program.A let the national people are happy about the entertainment program, from this point of view, you will find that the national football more and more lovely, the national football more and more beautiful.Finally, with a philosophical perspective to explain the National football team.There is a National football team now, so people do not feel the value of the national football team, feel that the national football team is very bad.So you can look from the point of view of no, if the National football team did not?Would people really be happier?Many people say that people will be happier without the national football team. I really don’t think so, because without the national football team, there will be no place for people to express their emotions.You may not like it or pay attention to it, but please kindly recommend it and forward it. Thank you!I am a college teacher, education topic, I am willing to share with you.Pictures from the network, infringement notice.This article is original, prohibit any form of infringement.