Sunflower has a very good saying: if you see no one else, you are everywhere

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Suddenly want to make people, want to be hypocritical, want to act in pettish, want to release a small woman should have appearance, but want to or forget it, I do not have that can hold me in both hands heart of the person.Compared with myself a few years ago, I like me better now. Although there are many traces of time, I understand a lot of things and know what I want, but there is no happiness.You know, the people you meet in the future are probably people with other people in their hearts, and maybe no one will love you with all.In the days of waiting, study hard, be humble, raise deep roots, later can flourish.Instead of being withdrawn, many people socialize in a principled and selective way.All love is precious, but sincerity and affection are better.Say thousands of words to the people you like, and not a word to other people.Sunflower has a very good saying: if you see no one else, you are everywhere.With you you are the sun I can’t take my eyes off, without you I look down who also see.Girls please remember to love you to the marrow of the six performance: responsive, willing to spend money, good care, willing to accompany you, bow to admit fault, and then far only to see you one side.​​​​