The Australian prime minister was criticised for being a show-off when he washed his hair in a barber shop in Melbourne to campaign for the election.

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Mr Morrison has been very active recently in preparation for the upcoming federal election.After learning how to make fried dumplings at a Dumpling shop in Sydney, he went to a barber shop in Melbourne yesterday to wash customers’ hair.The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) criticised Mr Morrison for “showmanship” and failing to do his job.Reports say Morrison’s party went to Coco in Melbourne’s Mount Eliza.S Salon, where he put on an apron to wash a woman’s hair.Hairdresser Courtnie Trotter jokingly suggested Morrison might do well in the hairdressing industry if he didn’t win the upcoming federal election.Mount Eliza is on the Mornington Peninsula, where the Liberals want to take the Labor seat.The report said that while Morrison’s visit to the salon had been arranged, washing her hair was not part of the plan.”He just asked us how we did it, and I said, ‘Why not try it?’And he agreed.”The Sydney Morning Herald reported that not everyone had a positive reaction to the prime minister’s washing of customers’ hair.Penny Wong, labor’s foreign affairs spokeswoman, said on Twitter: “Morrison’s actions are desperate.”Labor MP Stephen Jones said Mr Morrison would be better off spending his time in nursing homes, given the rising number of deaths among elderly residents and a severe shortage of staff in the sector.”If the PRIME Minister really wanted to take a picture of washing someone’s hair, he could go to a nursing home, bring a quick test kit, put on full ppe and help staff wash and dress residents,” Jones said.The ACTU, for its part, called on Morrison to “stop putting on a show for the cameras and do his job,” the report said.Despite Morrison’s obvious talent for shampooing, Trotter said it would take more than a scalp massage to win her vote, the report said.”I’m not a big fan of politics, but I’ll make my decision based on what the parties have done in the recent past.”