The first lesson of safety education has been carried out in Gaofeng School of Lengshuitan District

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Rednet moment February 26 – (Correspondent Hu Weijun Tang Lin) In the afternoon of February 25, Yongzhou City emergency Affairs Center director Jiang Yumei came to lengshuitan District peak school to carry out a “safety awareness first, safety risk to know” safety education lecture.At the scene of the event, Jiang Yumei grasped the main line of safety awareness, focusing on campus safety, traffic safety, food safety, fire and electricity safety and other safety to give everyone a vivid safety education class.In the interactive activities, the atmosphere was warm, and the students actively participated in and answered questions enthusiastically, and the learning atmosphere reached a climax.The safety education special education, deepen the first lesson of safety education, further enhance the safety awareness of teachers and students, for the creation of a safe and harmonious campus laid a solid foundation.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original