Xu Min couple returned to Jiujiang, small cotton-padded jacket were escorted;Fake Xu Min articles appeared on the Internet

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During the Spring Festival, Xu Min and his wife came to Zhumadian and enjoyed the short time with their children and grandchildren around their knees, which was a belated family happiness.The day of gathering is always so short. On the evening of February 6, Xu Min and his wife had dinner with Tian’s father and mother, as well as Tian Jing’s younger brother and sister. Tian Jing said in the video: After this meal, the year is getting farther and farther away, and tomorrow they will struggle in their own jobs and complete different responsibilities.When did holidays become a luxury?A family with children is lively, small qiqi at the table and began to cry, to his elders and cheers.I’ve seen footage of Yao’s dad feeding Qiqi and always saying that qiqi hasn’t had enough.But Qiqi said, I’m full.This makes Tian Jing very feeling, there is a situation when I say I am full, grandpa thinks I am not full.Xu Min couple in Zhumadian days, Qiqi Yue Yue enjoyed the love of the happy life, usually is grandpa grandma each holding a.Because yao dad will not drive, in accordance with the convention, Tian Jing brother drove xu Ma Yao dad returned to Jiujiang, small padded jacket they escorted the whole journey.Up to now, there have been many disputes on the Internet. Some netizens are discussing an article published by Xu Min. I have read the content carefully and found that it is completely a hydrological article, pretending to mislead everyone in the name of Xu Min, for the following reasons:01. There was an obvious mistake in time. Xu Min recognized her son on April 17, 2020 at the Zhumadian railway station in Henan Province.02. Xu Min has her own account on the online platform, and her last article was published on September 24 last year.Xu Min’s small composition is the matter, on the matter, clarify the facts.This article is lyrical, not Xu Min’s style.04. The article spread a rumor that Xu Min gave 5000 yuan in red envelopes to each of her two children during the Spring Festival, which is absolutely impossible.In order to give guo abandoned the sick child treatment, Xu Min couple spent their savings, still owe foreign debt, there will be no spare money.Take a closer look at the video of Xu Min’s red envelope, according to that weight can also be speculated that the amount will not be much.The New Year’s money is just a sense of ceremony, xu Min does not need to show ostentatious, and it is impossible to write out the figures for her grandchildren.These sunspots have no bottom line in order to flow, they have no view of right and wrong, fanning the flames, adding fuel to the fire, watching the excitement is not too big, standing speaking not waist pain.Hope to clarify the truth of the wrong case as soon as possible, also can reduce du Xinzhi’s sin, but also a clean network, let Xu Yao’s return to normal life!(Picture from the Internet, deleted)