Big S and wrong substitution?Go with the wind?Was a fool?Eling?

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Is there a commonality between the divorce and the split of the two families?Shen Li and Wang Na, Zhang Tian chat about the wrong change, talk about zhang Yu’s family.Wang Na cut a picture: this has been exposed, others suspected That Wang Xiaofei cheated in marriage, big S why would be so humble, and leave without a fight?Shen Li asked: na, you said wrong in the life of the two families why the opposition?Zhang Tian: The essence of things is the same, the choice after weighing interests!Shen Li: Yes!From the network, assault delete!A rule for the adult world game?There is no right or wrong in the world of mature people. To achieve maximum profit is success, and nothing else matters.Big S choice and Wang Xiaofei decent divorce, and there is no embarrassing tear, it is also a timely stop loss, the choice of maximum interests!That’s a choice, right?The big S side, facing the media inquiries is also quite decent: very calm, I hope xiao Fei will always live better than me.Decisive without complaint, but also hope her ex-husband better than her, big S this pattern is a typical bear heartache professional PR mode!Divorce in everyone’s mood level will be a sad thing, but for the big S interest level, divorce is not a sad thing, but a relief!Accidental triggers occur, past conflicts are still in front of us, divorce resolves all conflicts.Big S alone a person enjoyed a luxurious meal, demeanor calmly drink six or seven glasses of wine, full of ceremonial sense farewell marriage.Rome was not built in a day, and conflicts cannot be reconciled. Without the epidemic, we may be able to continue for several more years!But under the epidemic, continue to be like chicken ribs, marriage for happiness, divorce is running to at least no longer hurt and happiness.Is timely stop loss the right way?In recent years, Wang Xiaofei has not been easy. What she has done has been a loss. In addition, she has been rushing back and forth from Taipei to Beijing and from Beijing to Taipei.Big S once madly in love with Wang Xiaofei, a “thin or dead” female star can be fat to give birth to a child 160 kg, give birth to the second prenatal eclampsia, almost died in the operating room, pregnant with three pregnancies because of the body termination of pregnancy.Because of her children and family, she has compromised a lot over the years.Does a man compromise for love?Big S pushed a lot of drama after marriage, want to live a simple life, but Wang Xiaofei is a person who likes to do STH over and over again, but repeatedly frustrated, her mother-in-law is also a person who loves to do things, big S for her husband’s home platform to fill the hole has been disappointed can not be disappointed again.When both sides make too much effort and compromise for love, when happiness can not maintain and increase value, the old problems and the compromise and sacrifice made when love is strong have become injured scars, dull pain, that for any economically independent, independent personality of normal people, it is the time to leave and say goodbye!Ordinary people can not leave?Ordinary people can’t do it like a big S and wang, because the average family’s economic conditions decided the divorced, raising children is a big problem for stumbles entangled with each other, divorce remarried into problem, remarried after marriage will be time for marriage in front of the various economic problems is the marital quality, this is the ordinary people difficult to divorce, remarry, remarriage, the root cause of suffering!Is no benefit separation the norm?In fact, at the beginning, S also lived in Beijing for a long time, but eventually returned to Taipei to live, the two people also because their children go to school things conflict, Wang Xiaofei can only compromise.Ten years of marriage, from the lightning marriage was not regarded by everyone, to their good relationship to make everyone believe that they are happy, or can not survive the divorce.Each other must have loved deeply, marriage is to rush happiness and go, walk, marriage is trivial separation of each other.The two children are still living in Taipei with Hsu. In the future, if Wang xiaofei misses her children, she still has to go back and forth as before!Is the pattern also a tradeoff of benefits?Hsu said, “I chose this time to divorce, because Xiao Fei has a new career, handsome and not old, it is easy to find a better girlfriend.”It used to be that we needed each other, but now neither of us is willing to compromise for the other.From the moment hSU stopped interacting with Wang Xiaofei, it means that she no longer wants to love Wang Xiaofei and is ready to put him down.Whether it’s cheating in marriage or choosing love after divorce, it doesn’t matter at big S anymore!For the rest of my life, I run towards my own happiness.Do not tear face, it is because of the child, tear, love also left, Wang Xiaofei bear cheating and playing with women’s feelings of man, in her children is not good, let alone tear face, she can only export evil vent mood, meaningless in their own overall situation.So the best thing to do is break up amicably, have a big meal, and move on!Men who cheat and play with women’s feelings or not, are past!Wang Xiaofei also injured, it is prime of life, long distance, dilemma?Who is right and who is wrong?Or there is no right or wrong, only close everyone’s happiness index system!Is causality on the way?Wang Na: I advised Zhang Yu that, in fact, when Jiang Le was alive, Zhang Yu might not have been loved or cared for. Depressed, all things being unpleasant, zhang Yu’s face may be dark, indicating that Jiang likes Zhang Yu to be a cold man, so he should stay away as far as possible.Only with one person, happy.Air fish are ruddy and healthy.All is well.Which means this guy’s here to cheer you up.Your luck with him is getting better and better and that’s what’s right.A man’s scarce resources are personality, vision, conversation, knowledge, and the ability to control situations.The best mate is an ally on the battlefield of life, not a babysitter or a dutiful parent. It is the lazy and giant baby who demands the satisfaction of his desires and those of his parents.What’s more, hurt others, in the choice of hurting others at that moment, his retribution has already started, everything has cause and effect, the some must not be less retribution may be late, but will never be absent, everything has reincarnation, god forgive who?Every cause has its own fruit, that’s all!Has the heaven ever spared anyone?After leaving, Wang Xiaofei’s mother and son live show is also based on interests, taking advantage of the divorce storm to open the market, that’s all!Since ancient times, merchants have been wounded and wounded!As for all kinds of netizens tear Wang Xiaofei derailed, its mother all kinds of response, that is more real life, because which in the real society can climb to the top of the social people without a few faces, is it true or false, is it important?Flow in power, as long as there is flow, there is a storm, that is also the opportunity of interest!A man just beautiful himself?Big S is not necessarily a choice of kindness, not because it is easy to bully, but not because it can not afford to feel inferior, and because it is not worth it!Silence is in her best interest!Other people hurt their own things, there will be good results, do not worry, every day to dress themselves beautiful, confident sunshine out as if something good happens.With confidence and beautiful mood, keep the mood of steal yue, there will be good things happen, and good things.Always remind yourself to exercise the mind, growth thinking, self-transcendence, self-realization!Confidence, health and strength are king like Gu Ailing.Is separation of the leaves of the moon also a disaster?Shen Li: some things are not necessarily a blessing, lost at the end must be a disaster.Life has a ferry, each boat, regret may be dodged a bullet.Wang Na: yes, the two families in the wrong exchange are probably the same. Yao Ce’s departure is a foregone conclusion. Who will benefit from keeping the two friendly?Perhaps separation is an option for the best interests of both parties.Just how to separate that is a real choice!Sometimes giving up is also an optimal solution. For example, when yuanyu string meets the ice cave and gives up the first action, it is a kind of rational giving up. If it is forced to complete, what will be the consequence?The maximization of the interests of the human body is fundamental, right?Conditions like men and women a mate, disparity is too big, the greater the risk that a struggle is no character protection in at the bottom of society people, some people just temporarily hide some nature, born poor trickery, rich long conscience once the other person’s interests is damaged, he would immediately jumped up, totally changed, to be sure to remember when households regardless of the other party within the more deep feeling at that time in order to benefit in the future,Will do whatever it takes.Just like Jiang Le and Zhang Yu, Zhang Yu tried his best to love Jiang Le. However, Jiang Le did not understand or cherish jiang Le. Jiang Le betrayed Zhang Yu and cheated Zhang Yu with his parents.Kindness to them has become the object of trampling, they really do not deserve Zhang Yu’s kindness!One side wants to get along with each other with dignity and mutual respect, the other side wants to control the risk of others, get self comfort and satisfaction!Conditions of great disparity can not avoid, need to match is mutual understanding, each other good, pay each other!And Jiang Le personality and native home of that kind of level, determines a good alyson, originally can quickly achieve happiness, but without alyson depression into a disease in the name of his native family conflicts thorns, finally Jiang Le not processing, again by their parents and individual inertia reduced to the original failure of marriage, with his ex-wife try again and evil reason,And then the whole family went up in smoke!No, it’s cause and effect!Zhang Yu dodged a bullet!# Wrong change ## Winter Olympics #, # The decade of Wang Xiaofei and HSU S #