Composer Wang Moet to “Unforgettable Tonight” after the score, some people listen to the straight melody soft like sad music

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In 1984, when composer Louis Wang finished composing unforgettable Tonight, the director group of CCTV Spring Festival Gala was not satisfied after listening to it. Some people even said that the melody was soft as sad music.The first CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 1983 was warmly welcomed by the audience.Happy, total director Huang Yihe pondered the evening party should have what.After much thought, he finally decided to add a sense of ceremony to the 1984 gala, with a tailor-made ending song.He asked songwriter Qiao Yu to write the lyrics to “Unforgettable Tonight,” and then asked composer Louis Wang to compose the music.LVMH moet moet produced scores for famous films such as “Haixia” and “Little Flower” in the late 1970s and early 1980s.He is also the teacher of famous singers Sun Hao and Han Hong.However, when the director team received the moet music, many people felt that the emotional tone was too slow and sad, which did not match the festive and lively atmosphere of the Chinese New Year party and failed to express the theme of family reunion.Some even said, “Why do you sound so sad and sad?”This made li Guyi, who had recorded half of the song at that time, very embarrassed and in a dilemma.However, director Huang Yihe is very optimistic about moet’s song.In the end, he overruled the public, insisted that Li Gu recorded a song, will “Unforgettable Tonight” on the Spring Festival Gala.In 1984, when the New Year bell rings, the Spring Festival Gala program is about to end, the field sounded li Guyi that friendship long “Unforgettable Tonight”.In the soothing and melodious melody, they say goodbye to each other and wish the motherland well. They look forward to the coming year and their moving feelings of reunion will be erased in the hearts of all Chinese people.True feelings and sorrow without injury, but also through the “look to the future” of the open spirit.”Unforgettable Tonight” won the 1986 Chinese Music “Morning Bell Award”.”Unforgettable Tonight” has been sung for nearly 40 years, from 1984 to present.In addition to the absence of a few years in the middle, it has become the CCTV Spring Festival Gala “final standard”, can be called “nail house”.Li Guyi teacher also therefore “a song seal god”, become the hearts of several generations of people “unforgettable Tonight” the only “goddess”, “soul will sing”!One netizen said: “Without the song, Chinese New Year would be worse,” while another said: “I cried when I heard the song.”Yes, a song, a period of time.When I was young, I may not have listened to it, but now I am no longer a teenager.When the song “Unforgettable Tonight” is played again in the 2022 Spring Festival Gala, will you feel as cordial as seeing an old friend, and will you remember the great memories of those years’ Spring Festival Gala?# New Year’s Diary #