Ghost ship spotted off Thailand coastNo one on board but with Chinese characters, too late to tow back to sink

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An oil rig worker off the coast of Thailand accidentally spotted an abandoned “ghost ship,” foreign media reported on January 11, 2022.A ghost ship, also known as a ghost ship or USO for short, is a ship that has not been seen on the sea for many years and is empty.The Thai navy boarded the vessel, which had been floating and swaying, after workers found it.But eerily, just three days before the Thai navy planned to tow the boat ashore, it turned up in another part of Thailand and was in danger of sinking in a storm.The bizarre incident was reminiscent of the opening scene of the film Paranormal Activity.At the beginning of the film, after a young couple fall asleep at around 11:24 p.m., there are small noises in the room, such as the sound of running and the turning of keys.The young couple had no idea anything was wrong with their room until they woke up in the morning to find that someone else had moved the key.This just caused the attention of two people, agree that there are paranormal events in the room.There seems to be a certain similarity between the supernatural events in the film and the appearance of a ghost ship, so where did the ship found in Thai waters come from?Who is the owner of the boat?It’s all a mystery.The only information the ship has left to the public is that workers found the Chinese characters “Jinshuiyuan no. 2” printed on its hull.The ghost ship incident in Thailand has prompted a rethink: Do ghost ships really exist?If the ghost ship is real, how did it appear?There are many theories among curious people as to how the ghost ship came to be.Pirate robberies may have contributed to the appearance of ghost ships.When He hijacked a ship, teach, known as Blackbeard, tied the crew’s hands and forced them to jump into the sea. He then robbed them of everything, leaving only one ship adrift.But pirate robbery speculation does not explain every ghost ship, and there is uncertainty.And according to locals, there are no pirate ships in the area.Meanwhile, it has been speculated that with the changing world order and the outbreak of war, smuggling boats may also be the cause of the emergence of ghost ships.There are many ghost ships floating in the Pacific, Mediterranean and Caribbean, and most of them are smuggling boats.The infrastructure of smuggling boats is very poor, once an accident occurs, the stowaways on board can only wait for death.The dead were either washed overboard or thrown overboard by the living.Over time, no one on board was spared.In addition, the blue-eyed fish are among the most widely speculated causes of the ghost ship.The blue-eyed fish, a species unique to the South Atlantic, has a substance in its eggs that can cause severe hallucinations.If a crew member accidentally eats fish eggs, six to seven hours later they will have hallucinations of entering heaven and even commit suicide by jumping into the sea.In addition to the above three theories, there is a lot of speculation, but we do not know whether any of these theories are scientific or not, but there have been ghost ships in history.In 1972, a ship became a sensation in world maritime history, the Maria Celesta.Information about how the ship became a ghost ship has been reported for more than a decade, but no one has been able to come up with a proper explanation.In 1872, the British ship Jane Gracia discovered the ghost ship during a mission at sea.On the morning of December 4, alerted by his sentry, Captain Moorhose spotted an oncoming ship. Upon closer inspection, the captain found that it was unoccupied.Marvelling at the suspicious behaviour of the Maria as she sailed, Captain Morhos sent his men to the Maria Seresta to investigate the situation.Captain Moorhose was taken aback by the situation on board. The quarter-deck lifeboat had disappeared, as had the four-man boat.The left gangway railing had been removed, and Captain Briggs’ cabin and lounge were full of water.According to an analysis of the diary left by the ship’s captain, the maria stayed near Bermuda on November 24 and reappeared east of Santa Maria Island just two days later.In search of the truth, Captain Morhos ordered his mate to sail the Maria Seresta to Gibraltar.Upon the ship’s arrival in Gibraltar on December 8, 1872, the local government set up an inquiry to investigate the incident.Instead, the incident remains an unsolved mystery.In addition to the above events, there is also a famous “ghost ship” in history — “Betchmore”.In 1931, the Betchmore was stranded off the Coast of Alaska when a natural disaster struck.After repeated attempts, the crew were rescued unharmed, while the ship was left at sea.People try to rescue the “Betchmore” stranded at sea after a snowstorm.But the ship’s hull was so badly damaged that it was difficult to retrieve the Betchmore, and the shipping company had to abandon it.But bizarrely, 38 years later, the Betchmore was still found floating, as if guarded by an unknown force.Attempts were made to rescue the ship, but the weather prevented them from doing so.In 1969, the Betchmore disappeared from view as the Alaskan waters froze over.These historical events are the best source for scientists to study and analyze for possible reasons for the presence of ghost ships.First, the ship’s equipment fails, and the failures are beyond repair, leaving the crew with no choice but to abandon the ship.If the ship had not been hit by bad weather or natural disasters, it could have survived for a decade or even hundreds of years.When the ship was found again by later generations, it became known as a ghost ship.Secondly, the influence of ocean infrasound.Marine infrasound generally appears under the condition of strong wind or storm, secondly, the frequency of acoustic vibration and the natural frequency of the human body have a certain degree of coincidence.Once the infrasound frequency vibration resonates with the human body, the crew can experience symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and confusion, which can cause the crew to suffer mental breakdowns, hallucinations and even suicide by jumping overboard.Which led to the ghost ship.No one has yet been able to come up with a perfect explanation for the crew’s mysterious disappearance, so whether these explanations are true is open to debate.There are many other events related to the “ghost ship”, and many scholars and scientists are conducting in-depth studies on it.But in the search for the cause of the ghost ship, it’s not hard to see how much we don’t know about the ocean.We should always keep awe of nature, in order to explore more mysteries of nature step by step.Reference materials: “explore the secret ghost ship”, violet, “read it”, 2007 4th issue “explore the Secret Atlantic” ghost ship “, Yu Jie, “science and technology wind”, 2007 1st issue author: milk tea without sugar audit: Qing Verified manuscript: editor Xiao Wan