Who will be the blue Camp Kaohsiung hen?Huang jianting promised to finalize at the end of March

2022-08-06 0 By

According to Taiwan media, after the Lunar New Year, all parties in Taiwan are speeding up the layout of the 2022 election. LAN Ying will send a candidate to challenge incumbent Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai, as it is not clear who the candidate will be, causing anxiety at the grassroots level.KMT central Party secretary Huang Jianting today to Kaohsiung to attend the New Year’s worship, the city Council group always called Tong Yanzhen asked “hen” to be finalized as soon as possible, in order to lead the chickens sprint election, Huang Jianting promised, the latest at the end of March to finalize the candidate.Chen Qimai fought hard for re-election and performed well in epidemic prevention, investment promotion and other policies. LAN Ying wanted to recover the lost territory in Kaohsiung, which was considered to be a bitter battle.Taipei City councilman Law Chih-keung and independent legislator Kao Jin-su-mei are well-known in Taiwan and have strong air combat capabilities. Many people are pushing them to operate in Kaohsiung, which can also boost the election of lawmakers. However, they have not yet made clear their attitude.Tong yanzhen said that veteran media man Zhao Shaokang and KMT secretary General Huang Jianting are also good candidates for kaohsiung mayor. Zhao’s ability to discuss and focus light is strong, Huang Jianting has kaohsiung roots and served as the county magistrate of Taitung.Tong said that the election of mayor and councillor has a common effect, and it is best if the candidate is from a local area. Even if he is not from a local area, he needs to have public support and administrative experience. The most important thing is that he has passion for Kaohsiung and is willing to fight for Kaohsiung.Tong yen-zhen said that in Kaohsiung, there are many billboards in the street election, and the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) will hold the majority of billboards. Many blue lawmakers are waiting to hang billboards with the same frame as hens, because the hens are not decided, so it is difficult for blue lawmakers to occupy good positions on billboards.It is understood that Huang Jianting went to Kaohsiung today, in addition to the Party headquarters to participate in the New Year’s group worship, and discussed with city councilors on the layout of the election campaign, but also visited Lin Bingkun, who served five terms as penghu county “legislator”, to discuss the election of Penghu county governor and other issues.