Queen of sober Earth!”If I wore white, no one would know who I was.”

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The British royal family is in trouble again!It has been widely reported that Harry and Meghan have agreed to divorce, which means that they will continue to live in the US with their children, and that Meghan will dominate their lives while Harry returns to the UK.All eyes were on how Queen Elizabeth II, the master of the British monarchy, would react to the news.The Queen has always ruled the roost of the British royal family, and for decades it has been poised, graceful and funny in the face of events.The Queen quotes her enemies with her actions, but she also needs to be gracious in dealing with them. Use her words with quiet grace, which will win her supporters over.Here are her top 5 life quotes!1: “Your memories are not mine.”Meghan markle and Harry, who are no longer members of the royal family, took issue with a series of Revelations about the British royal family in an interview with THE US media. Meghan said that the royal family did not make their son Archie a prince because of racism, and even considered suicide because they ignored her mental health problems.Two days after the memorable comments captured the world’s attention, the Queen responded in a statement by saying “recollections may vary”, concise and humorous.In what was interpreted as: ‘Your memories are not mine’, The curve hit back at Meghan, implying that the allegations against the royal family were not real.The word “ENDS” means “it’s time to end.”Internet users praised the royal hostess for her clever move.2: “Weak people try to run away, but crises are often unravelled by those with more courage.”From Harry and Meghan’s surprise decision to step down from the royal family to the interview, the Queen never seems to be in a hurry, taking every step as needed, and even a short statement can show her extraordinary demeanor and win applause from the world.3: “Some hurts are hard to soothe with words. Sorrow is the price of our love.”The Queen may have been a bit tearful, but she also had a moment of truth.One of the rare moments where tears were photographed was during the Memorial Day silence in 2019.Tears do not flow for themselves, but for those who died for their country. The Queen loves her people beyond words.4: “It’s much harder to build and cherish a relationship than it is to hate and destroy it.”The Queen and the man behind her, Prince Philip, have known and loved each other for many years and have spent much of their lives acting out the phrase.In the eyes of the world, the relationship between women and men is not easy, even strong and independent women need support.”He has always been a source of guidance and strength for me,” she said.A good relationship starts with appreciating each other’s strengths!5: “If I wear white, no one will know who I am.”The Queen is definitely silver-haired fashion.Arrive by small beautiful big, go in tide tip, have oneself to dress — the mark that the line on colourful cover assembly arrives absolutely flower cap already became her.Why did the Queen go for bold colours?The photographer should be thanking the Queen for being able to spot her in the crowd when she wants to attend various events.